Links for UM students

The resources here are, of course, not a comprehensive list. If the information you are looking for is not here, there is a very good chance that it exists and is waiting for you somewhere on the web. Google, ask around, and google some more.

Note: access to some of these resources will not work unless you are on campus. Others may require you to login to the UM virtual network using your uniqname.

Teaching links Data sources
ctools Broad Collections
Lecture Tools   UM comparative politics data links
Counselling and Psychological Services   ICPSR data archive
Rob's syllabus archive   Gary King's data page
What a research paper should do Public Opinion
    American National Election Studies
Research jumping off points   Eurobarometer
Library catalog   Afrobarometer
APSA research papers archive   Latinobarometer
JSTOR   Asiabarometer
Social Science Citation Index   World Values survey
  Legislative Behavior
News media links   Charles Stewart's Congressional data page
BBC News   Keith Poole's NOMINATE data
The Economist   Project Vote Smart
Far East Economic Review   They Work for You
Guardian Weekly Elections
New York Times   Lijphart Elections Archive
Wall St Journal   International IDEA
Pacific Islands report Economic Data
Sydney Morning Herald   World Bank data archive
New Zealand Herald   IMF data archive
    OECD statistics portal
Selected political opinion (US) New Zealand politics
Dan Drezner (US) Parliament
Kiwiblog (New Zealand) Scoop's political wire
The Standard (New Zealand) Electoral commission